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Children's Health Resources & First Aid

These resources are for information only, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your own doctor and do not rely solely on the information linked to from this page.

Allkids cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or omissions on any of the sites visited using the links from this page.

Kids Health Quick Links

Common Spots and Rashes in Children
symptoms, incubation period and treatment

Children's Health Problems

First Aid Information and Courses

  • St John Ambulance - First Aid Advice For Parents
  • British Red Cross - online tutorial - audio and video,l and basic infomation on choking, burns, CPR, high temperature and recovery position 

General Medical Sites - UK

  • Bupa - abc of  health fact sheets
  • Net Doctor - a whole section devoted to children's health care
  • Patient UK- information leaflets and an extensive web directory of children's health

General Medical Sites Worldwide

Rare Disorders and Syndromes

Child Safety