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Early Learning

This page features early learning websites for young toddlers and pre-schoolers. Fun ways to introduce your toddler to their abc, 123, shapes and colours with great games, downloads and flash cards.

SPOTLIGHT ON Good Sites For Kids - a great website, which does what it says, a huge collection of fun, educational and interesting sites for kids, which can be used by all ages and it's FREE

  • Preschool Rainbow - is full of activities for you and your little one that you can do at home using everyday items. The themes cover the seasons, numbers,  the alphabet, friends and family.
  • Activity Village - is a UK Parenting site which has been around for quite a lot of years and is full of great stuff for young kids and their carers. There's indepth resources for reading and numbers and also a plenty of activities to create an interest in history, crafts, science etc
  • Story Place - Pre School - an American site geared towards pre-schoolers. Lots of online activities divided into themes and with games to encourage early literacy.
  • Topmarks.co.uk - excellent and extensive advice on how to encourage your little one to learn the basics - numbers, letters, words etc - through play and having a fun time.